Dior Addict Lip Glow – Color Reviver balm

This lip balm is described as a “Colour awakening lipbalm”.  The colour adjusts to your natural lip’s reaction. It comes with such gorgeous luxe packaging and has a pretty generous amount of product at 0.12oz/3.5g.



I’ve been wanting to try out this Dior lip balm for a while and decided to finally purchase it in the colour 001 Pink, $41 CAD.  It also comes in a coral colour and Dior also just relaunched the colour Lilac, which is a beautiful lavender shade from their Spring line. They’ve now made lilac permanent due to popular demand!


The texture is pretty smooth once you’ve been applying it for some time and start to wear it in.  The colour on the lips will look different on everyone, on me it turned a very natural light pink.

Here is what Pink 001 looks like on my pigmented med-tan lips, very natural and neutral pink:diorlip




I would recommend this lip balm as a great everyday wash of colour; something that you could throw on quickly at work or on a daily basis to give you that “natural glow”!  A great item to throw in your purse and give you a quick pick me up throughout the day!

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