Stationary/ Planner Addict – Hauls!

Okay, so is anyone else addicted to stationary and planning supplies!?  Omg, it has become such a crazy addiction, which is why I now understand #planneraddict… lol!  Lately I’ve been more into the shopping for planning supplies and spend a lot of time searching, rather than the actual planning!

I’ve visited Michael’s waaay too much in the last month and have made so many purchases, its getting a little out of hand lol.  Instagram is such an enabler too and doesn’t help because there are tonnes of other planner addicts out there and I see they are doing the same or even more shopping too 🙂  This is turning out to be a very expensive hobby!

Recently I’ve been filming for my YouTube channel all my stationary hauls and Michael’s purchases. Currently editing because the footage is very long since I’ve made so many purchases!  Stay tuned for my upcoming haul videos!

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